Roblox In Game Currency – ROBUX

A new currency has emerged out of the seemingly kid’s game ROBLUX – ROBUX.

In the world of Roblox, Robux is a premium currency that can be used to buy new games and private servers as well as other items.

Is Roblox down? Check the Roblox status page.

Roblox In Game Currency - ROBUX

Roblox is a platform full of games. Users can create games within the Studio, which are then published on the platform. As a result there are many different games to choose from. Because of the ever so active world of game developers there are tons and tons of games that are being produced everyday. The games can be played on PC, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox, giving players a diversity of options for playing them.

This is the ultimate virtual world where you can create, share experiences with friends, and be any character you can imagine. Join millions of people and experience immersive activities from around the world!

Most of these games are free. But some needs to be purchased. These are purchased using the games own currency called Robox. So in simple terms Robox is a virtual currency and it is used to make purchases of Roblox games and many different things on the Roblox website.

Let’s first see how much robox you currently have when you have a roblox account and you already logged into.

You can check the amount of Robox on the top right hand corner as shown by the arrow.

It’s not necessary to have Robox for you to play Roblox, but having it can enhance your experience by unlocking new paid games, new items, and micro transactions, as well as most of the games on Roblox.

What can you buy with Robux

What exactly can you buy with Robux? So the great use for Robox is game passes. A Roblox game pass will enable you to unlock games you wouldn’t otherwise be able to play. An example of a popular game with game passes “Rogue Lineage ” which has a fee of 350 Robux. And another use of Robux is to purchase items such as clothing from the catalog tab on the Roblox website.

Use of Robux

Yet the biggest use is for in-game micro transactions. Most micro transactions are focused on speeding up the rate of progress and games by giving characters beneficial items or boosts. However some micro transactions are purely cosmetic like changing the paint job of a car. An additional use of robucks is promoting a self made roblox game for a roblox group with advertising.

Ways to buy Roblox
  1. Developing a Roblox games – Developers can make money through Roblox with its Developer Exchange program, or DevEx, which gives developers 25 percent of the game’s sales revenue. Roblox Studio is a free developer platform, as is the game itself.
  2. Working for a Roblox Developer – You can work as a tester ,
  3. Make Art work for Roblox games
  4. Making Roblox Shirts
  5. Investing in Roblox games

Robux symbol

Roblox is down !!!

Roblox down

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