Software Development

We are a full-service bespoke software development company based in Watford, Herts, UK. Selecting the right software development methodology for your product organization depends largely on your team size, goals, and other factors

Software Development Services

We realized early on that being an expert in one particular field won’t be sufficient to cope with the increasing complexity in our projects and have therefore put a unique service portfolio in place that has the flexibility to respond effectively to the changing business environments of our clients

Software Development

Managed IT & DevOps

Our DevSecOps solution accelerates the software delivery process by providing a comprehensive Continuous Delivery environment, industry best practices, project predictions, and real-time updates.

Custom Solutions

Major investment decisions should be data-driven that require a substantial work of analysis and dialogues. We will make sure of that and focus on the relevant aspects with an eye on the big picture for your company

Our Vision

The world is moving at lightning speed from legacy enterprise software to  SOA,SaaS integration ,API , AI/ML compelled by the power of convention over configuration and the promise of agility and operational efficiency. Your application portfolio is constantly evolving. The cloud, mobility and shadow IT – on top of your routine maintenance and development makes it difficult to ensure your critical legacy applications are keeping pace with the needs of your business. Yet most businesses face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations.



Application modernization is an accepted IT strategy for maximizing the return on investment from your mission critical applications. However, it is often difficult to get a clear picture of the true costs, risks and time frames of modernization projects before you start them. We can help you assess what modernization strategies are right for your organization, as well as what the overall cost, time frame and potential risks may be before you go down the wrong path. Migrate, re-architect, replace or decommission – whatever the right answer is for your business, we can point you in the right direction.

Area of Expertise

We at FTL, have specialization in Internet and Middleware technologies spanning across different business areas including Online Commerce, Portal Management, Content Management and Collaboration Platforms on various technologies

  • End to End Product Development Platform
  • Plug & Play SaaS Solution enabling Seamless Access
  • Significantly Low TCO, built on Open Source
  • ML – Estimation, Forecasting and Quality Metrics.
  • Driver, Utility, CLI, Mgmt. Application
  • Android / Linux System
  • White Box /Simulation
  • Firmware – Processor, Microcontroller
  • Distributed Systems/ Cloud Services
  • Mobile / Web
  • Application

Technologies we have expertise in

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